BBL (Brazilian bum lift) COURSE



Bum filler BBL is non-invasive take on the classic butt enhancement procedure. Unlike a traditional surgical BBL, this treatment doesn’t require incisions or significant downtime. Instead, it relies on superficial injections of a safe and long-lasting filler to define the gluteal region.

Bum filler is a popular injectable that works with your body to stimulate collagen production. Originally designed to restore facial volume, this filler has recently been used to enhance different areas of the body. When injected into the buttocks, body filler can also tighten and smooth the overlying skin.

The benefits you can expect to experience from your BBL include:

Relatively quick treatment sessions
No downtime or lengthy recovery period
Natural-looking results
A lower risk of side effects compared to surgical butt enhancement
Lasting upto 3 years

Pre requisites include –

Minimum Foundation Dermal Filler

If you are unsure that your existing qualifications meet our requirements then please contact us for advice.


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