Aesthetics Mastery


Monday – Skin ( facials derma planing face peels)
Tuesday – Phlebotomy and PRP
Wednesday – Foundation toxin
Thursday – Skin boosters
Friday – Foundation fillers



The training course that influencers and students are all talking about!

Our esteemed Aesthetics Mastery course, led by our expert nurses, stands as the most distinguished and renowned training academy in the UK. Comprising of 14 comprehensive training modules, this course caters to both novices without medical backgrounds and seasoned medical practitioners. It has gained widespread recognition for its unmatched quality and has been hailed as the epitome of luxury in training. Countless previous students have benefitted from our exceptional mentorship and aftercare, going on to then start their own business in the process.

5 Day Training Package.


First Aid (online home study)Anatomy and Physiology (online home study)Day 1PhlebotomyPlatelet Rich PlasmaMicro NeedlingMeso TherapyDay 2Basic FacialsDerma PlaneChemical PeelsDay 3Foundation ToxinDay 4Foundation FillersDay 5Skin Boosters (Lumi Eye, Profhilo, Ejal 40, 70 Hyal, Sunakos)This course is open top both medics and non-medics!



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