Skin peels

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Health and safety are a huge part of any aesthetic treatment and we make sure you’re fully aware of how to maintain a perfectly hygienic and safe salon environment.
Our course will take you through the theory of:

What are skin peels used for
Who can we treat
Who can we not treat
Classification of skin peels
Depth of exfoliation
Skin preparation
Glycolic acid
Lactic acid
Salicylic acid
Mandelic acid
Consultation and aftercare
Our trainer will take you through the theory behind the technique and give advice on products currently available in the industry. The tutor will then demo the treatment technique step by step whilst answering queries. You will spend the afternoon practicing the treatment whilst being supported by the tutor. You will be shown how to set up for your client correctly, how to consult and carry out medical forms and discuss aesthetic options.

Our trainers work full-time as therapists and have real-life experience.

If you are unsure that your existing qualifications meet our requirements then please contact us for advice.

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