Microtox Facial



Time: 11:00-4:00pm

Microtox is the injection of multiple microdroplets of botulinum toxin into the dermis or the interface between the dermis and the superficial layer of facial muscles. The intention is to decrease sweat and sebaceous gland activity to improve skin texture and sheen, and to target the superficial layer of muscles that find attachment to the under surface of the dermis causing visible rhytides. For treatment of the lower face and neck, hundreds of microdroplets of botulinum toxin are injected into the dermis or immediate subdermal plane to improve skin texture, smoothen horizontal creases, and decrease vertical banding of the neck, as well as to achieve better apposition of the platysma to the jawline and neck, improving contouring of the cervicomental angle.

Pre requisites include :-

Foundation Botox

If you are unsure that your existing qualifications meet our requirements then please contact us for advice.

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